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Bluebird Café Concert Series

July 11 & 18 and August 22 & 29

Sundance Resort and Nashville’s famed Bluebird Café are celebrating the 11th year of bringing renowned singer songwriters to Sundance Mountain Resort.  Since its inception at Sundance in 2001, the Bluebird Café concert series has increasingly grown in popularity making regular concert goers of a wide range of fans.  The concert series, which features some of Nashville’s most renowned singers, songwriters and musicians, embodies the Sundance tradition of storytelling and independent voice. The Bluebird Café in Nashville has launched the careers of virtually every country superstar over the last 20 years from Garth Brooks to Taylor Swift.   Sundance partners with the Bluebird to bring a taste of musical storytelling to Utah.

Lawn Seating/General Admission                  $25
Bench Seating/Assigned Seating                    $25
Prime Bench Seating/Assigned Seating         $27
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Bluebird Cafe